Bača, bačova žena a ovce
Fruit orchard U Harušťákov

We are a couple, who love to grow a fruit orchard, which is also a pasture for sheep. We love to share the charming landscape of hamlets situated at the frontier between Slovakia and Morava. It is picturesque and replenished with fine views. The round forms often alternate with limestone rocks. The Nature Reserve of Veľká Javorina protects the original woods on the flanks of the tallest mountain of this mountain range.

If you are ready to spend some time in the country, be our guest. There is no better way to begin any exploration than with local food and drinks. Traveling experience throws

Three sheep from Kent

light on how we define ourselves and on how we identify others.

Sweet pears
Hidden People in Woods

Bites & Sights

'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.' Oscar Wilde