Foodie walk

Brick wall – the Fundament of Zlín.

There is no better way to begin any exploration than with local food and drinks. Traveling experience throws light on how we define ourselves and on how we identify others.

As a local who is an architecture fan and foodie you will be in good hands as we eat our way across the city. We’ll visit sights along the way, getting to know remarkable information about Bata phenomena. We’ll have some drinks and bites as we go from place to place. We’ll finish off with some amazing local wines. Come thirsty!

Zlín: There is always Hope.
Red Wine has belonged in Moravia since Time Immemorial.
Hidden People in Woods of Zlín

Bites & Sights

Jewels of Zlín’s Architecture


Sun Set over Zlín Skyscraper

Our tour starts here: Mr. Coffee – kavárna, Soudní 5549, Zlín, 760 01

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